Winter walk

I was beginning to think we might not have snow for Christmas, but I think I can lay those worries to rest now!

It was a lovely day for a walk. We took full advantage of the beautiful snow.

As we left for our walk I took a photo of my front door wreath to share with you—this is the extent of my exterior Christmas decorations this year, but I think it adds a lot. I wanted to use a more natural theme for my holiday decorating, so hence the burlap and pine cones, with just a little bit of gold thrown in as a more festive note.

I think the house looks charming under a blanket of snow.

Isn’t the Penn Hotel mysterious? I find it a very intriguing building. The marquee and the lanterns outside are kind of atmospheric. They remind me of another era.

On Broad Street, I stopped to admire Tower Presbyterian’s door decorations, which I thought were quite lovely and understated.

Today was special because it marked the official return of Snow Pig. Here he is all extra-cute, decked out in his new winter coat.

I don’t think it keeps him much warmer, but it does help cut down on the snowballs that collect in his feathers when he goes tromping through the snow. Plus, as mentioned earlier, it really ups the cute factor.

Archie was super excited about the snow and really revved up on this walk. We had to stop to rest quite a few times to recover from bursts of romping through the snow and the excitement of it all…

I think blue really suits him, don’t you think?

The next stop on our walk was Rainbow Bridge on GCC’s lower campus:

Some other views of the bridge:

Some views from the bridge (Archie was impatient to continue the walk!):

View from the stairs as we made the climb to upper campus:

And finally, some shots of Harbison Chapel under snow and other buildings on upper campus:

It was so snowy and lovely today; it felt a little as if you were walking through a Robert Frost poem.

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  1. I love these pictures! Hurrah for the snow, and the eagerly anticipated return of snow pig. It looks as though Grove City is really getting into the festive spirit. Thank you for sharing.

  2. I am enjoying these photos and I feel as though I have been on this walk with you. I love the soft tonalities of the winter landscape and Archie looks adorable in his new blue coat!

  3. hi miss lyle I’m enjoying my snow day, but Ithink I’m cminog down with a cold becouse my voice is all funny , I have a bad blocked nose , I’m sneezing a lot.I also have a nasty cough but other than that I’m really enjoying my self, hey I’m also trying to convince my mum to buy a new sledg because when I was little my mum through our brand new sledg away because she thought it would never snow, well bye

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