Virtual tour: Living room

Welcome to Wednesday’s post, where I share photos of my living room with you and apologize for the poor image quality. These are too dark, too grainy, but I’m adding them here because they give you at least a sense of the room. So for now consider them placeholders until I learn how to take better pictures!

One of my favorite features of the room—besides the windows that look out onto both the front and back garden—is this wall niche with built-in shelves. It’s a nice-sized display area, and currently I’m using it to display some of my favorite books, things that inspire me and remind me of my creative aspirations, and photos of people I love.

I love this “Marriage of the Arnolfini” mirror (as one of my friends put it!). I think it fits nicely in the space and adds a little luster. Convex mirrors are also good feng shui—an added bonus.

Here’s my little “media area” (I don’t even have cable—can I still call it that, I wonder?!). I’ve hung some of my mom‘s lithos on this wall and they really add balance and warmth (with their pretty sepia tones) to the space, although the reflection makes it hard to see them properly here.

Here’s a close-up of one of the lithos, so you can better appreciate the detail. I love this portrait:

And, just for fun, a shot of Archie in the living room, in all his crazy clumber-ness. Isn’t that expression priceless?

And with that, I will conclude today’s mini tour!

I hope you’re having a good week so far—it’s been a busy one here. I can’t believe it’s already Wednesday! I’m looking forward to the Autumn Art Walk in Olde Town GC—and some fun with friends—tomorrow evening. I’ll try to post more of my home tour soon!

Anna xo

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  1. Classy decor! Your love of whites and creams is so handsome with dark wood contrasts. It is elegant and calming–great job!

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