Virtual tour: Guest bedrooms

For the next installment of my home tour, I’d like to share a few of the upstairs rooms with you. Come on up!

This is the first bedroom. I call it the “blue bedroom” because of, naturally, all the blue accents.

I purchased that little bow-front dresser here in town, at a local antiques shop called Antiques by the Yard. I love its simple, graceful profile.

Here you can get a little better sense of the layout. Still pretty spartan, but it’s getting there, slowly but surely…

Window treatments. (Details can be found here.)

A painting that I still need to frame and hang. I think it’s going to look really lovely in this room.

And here are a couple photos of the other bedroom. This room used to have bright pink walls and purple trim. I tried to make it more grown-up and sophisticated with a darker brown, but I’m thinking I’d like to go a little lighter with the color in here eventually (sorry for the dark photos!). What do you think? Keep it dark (and cozy), or brighten it up (maybe it needs an injection of cheer)? I’m having a hard time committing!

I have curtains that are waiting to be hung, but I still need window hardware for this room. It’s a work in progress…

A litho, by my mom, adds interest and texture, and a little mystery too (who doesn’t love a Venetian lady with a large hat?).

A parting shot of the upstairs hallway. The work on the wall,  the three nudes, is a pastel that I did ages ago…

Another one of my mom’s early works. This hallway is shaping up to be a veritable gallery space!

I hope you enjoyed this little glimpse of the upstairs guest rooms. I hope to be back with more later this week. Until then, I bid you adieu for now and wish you a lovely week.

Anna xo

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  1. You know I love that Blue Room! That bureau you aquired is lovely, and my things should fit in it perfectly when I visit! I like the colour of the other bedroom, but only in the bright light by the window shot. Seems a tad dark to me. The whole house looks divine and you should be very proud of yourself! Congratulations Anna, you have such great taste.

    1. Thanks so much, Val! And you know you’re welcome anytime! I agree that the brown room (the color is called “latte”) is maybe a tad dark. Part of it, of course, may be due to my pictures, but I think eventually I’ll probably lighten it up a bit. 🙂

  2. Rachel was home and commented on one of my perenials, was sure you might like it for the green and white garden. It is called Solomans Seal. It grows anywhere, even shade, gets quite tall(3ft plus ish), has early, small, elegant bell shaped flowers in cream rimmed with green on the under side of the leaf branches. The leaves are on almost like a frond, or a graceful branch. The plant looks fabulous all summer…look it up if you don’t know it. Maybe your Mother has some in her garden. The leaves turn yellow in the fall and it grows quickly and can be divided often…
    Have a great week Anna. We had a nice time with the kids for our Thanksgiving, sadly they left yesterday. The fall foliage was stunning up north at Mont Tremblant on Sunday!

    1. Thanks so much for this suggestion, Val–I will look that one up, it sounds lovely! I’m glad you had a nice Thanksgiving–the leaves are turning here, and the weather has been really nice and warm… I’ve been getting out for some good walks with Archie! Hope you’re well and enjoying the fall! xoxo Anna

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