Tree trimmin’

I was going to call this post “Tree Trauma,” but I think that would have been a bit melodramatic.

But I will say that it has been a little crazy around here lately, the major event this week, of course, being the long overdue tree trimming of several large trees in my backyard, along with the removal of some very old, very overgrown, and very unattractive shrubbery. Basically, my backyard underwent some major surgery.

Having tree work done is somewhat stressful. I have to confess that listening all day to the buzzing of saws and the powerful grinding of the large “chipper” jangled my nerves. And having a cherry picker bucket truck parked in your backyard is a little unnerving too. To give you a flavor of the experience, I thought I’d share some photos with you of the tree trimming in action. Here’s a shot of the initial approach—the tree they’re working on is an absolutely massive Norway Maple:

Scary stuff, no? I wouldn’t want to be up there!

All in all, it took them a full day and a half to trim two large trees (the Norway Maple pictured here, plus a large Spruce tree at the back of the property), limb up two smaller maples near the garage, and remove two large evergreen shrubs that were past their prime.

I hope to have some “after” photos of the newly-trimmed trees and the yard for you soon, once I get accustomed to things—it was so overgrown that after having cut everything back so vigorously, the yard feels very exposed! It’s going to take some getting used to, I think.

And what I didn’t realize fully until now was just how attached I am to my trees. At one point, I had toyed with the idea of taking down the Norway Maple to let more light into the backyard. It’s also a tree that creates a lot of work—it sheds tons of leaves in the fall, and those little seed pods are everywhere in the spring, driving me absolutely crazy! But I know now I could never take my tree down—after shedding a few tears thinking that maybe the trees had been cut back too much and that I had very narrowly missed ruining the look of my backyard, I realize how integral the trees are to my little backyard landscape and more fully appreciate the beauty and character they bring to my property.

I’m just so glad that the tree-trimming is behind me now and am breathing a huge sigh of relief! Long live the trees!

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  1. Dear Anna,
    Do not fret, trees grow like hair! They will be fuller and more beautiful than ever!


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