The summer inspiration diet

Don’t let the title of this post give you the wrong idea—don’t worry, I’m not going to tell you how to get yourself beach-bikini-ready or anything like that. When we hear the word “diet,” we immediately think that what we’re really talking about is lack or deprivation, but I’m using “diet” in the sense of the nourishment we take in every day to sustain us. And I’m not just talking  about food, although I certainly believe food can be inspirational! My idea of the summer inspiration diet is rooted in seeking out those things that lift our spirits and elevate us, those things that help feed our spirit.

This is not a rigid diet, and it’s really not hard to follow. And you need not look far and wide to find the things that help lift you up and renew you. In fact, I found quite a few things in my own backyard that qualify for the summer inspiration diet—here are a few photos of the garden from a few weeks ago, when Archie and I did some exploring:

This photo of my little piggy carefully inspecting the peonies really makes me smile, but I hesitated to share it with you because of those large weeds creeping in in the background. I literally have done nothing this season in terms of any real gardening, but it makes think, if such beautiful things can bloom despite my lack of tending, what would happen if I were to apply myself to their care, even just a little bit?

The above is a close up of the Festiva Maxima, a gorgeous pure-white bloom with just a tinge of scarlet in its center.

I’m not sure what these bright pink varieties are called, but they have very large impressive blooms and they grow plentifully in my garden.

A climbing rose that came back this year, and below a tangle of sweet peas—I’d really love to trellis them. That way, their beauty could be better appreciated.

The bright pinks again beginning to bud and bloom.

I decided to bring a little of the inspiration I found outside inside—and I found that having pretty things near me while I work really helped spur me on and made me feel really good.

And so began the summer inspiration diet… and now I am beginning to create a list of things—simple things—I can do and take in that will help inspire me. So far on the list, I have “flowers” and “learn more about gardening.” I also have “do more writing,” “sit outside in the fresh air,” and “read good books.” Archie has added “take naps in the sunshine” to his list.

What about you? What will you make part of your summer inspiration diet?

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