The master bedroom painting project: Round 2

I wanted to do a little research before tackling my next major-ish project, which will be painting my master bedroom—again. I wanted to make sure I had the color just right because, you see, I’ve had some missteps along the way.

When I first moved into the house, the bedroom was painted yellow, a color which many people find cheery and uplifting. For whatever reason, though, I am not one of those people! While I can appreciate yellow, I just don’t gravitate toward it naturally. So this much I knew: the yel-low had to go-go.

Here’s are some early progress photos where you can see lots of the original yellow:

And here is a shot of the french doors leading into the bathroom. I love the arch above the doors; it really adds some architectural interest—it’s one of my favorite features of the room:

There is also a fireplace in the room that had lots of potential, but the red bricks were, well, really red and a bit on the dark and dingy side:

Now rewind to last year: feeling very smug about making what I perceived to be a very on-trend color choice, I became caught up in a kind of “greige” fury, and decided to paint my bedroom and another bedroom a light grey.

So here is how things looked after my little greige experiment got underway:

Initially, I was captivated by it.

And I really liked the fireplace much better once I painted the bricks (it had a much lighter and “cleaner” feeling):

… but as time wore on and I lived with the wall color for a while, the grey started to grate on me. While I still think it’s an improvement over the yellow, in retrospect, the grey that I chose was much too cool. In some instances (well, in most instances really), it even looked blue. I tried to convince myself that I liked the cool grey-blue vibe, that maybe it was even somehow scandinavian in feel. But once I realized I was talking myself into it, I knew I would have to change it.

So now I give you Round 2 of the Master Bedroom Painting Project!

After thinking it through some more and weighing my options, I have decided that I definitely want something with a warm undertone. I want the room to feel warm and inviting. Not clinical. Not cold. And not grey. I’ve learned that living through bitter Northeast winters provides quite enough cold and grey, thank you. A warm color will be of paramount importance.

But I also know that I want the room to feel light and bright. It’s the darkest bedroom and the house; it doesn’t get much natural light at all. Banishing the gloom from the room is also imperative.

So with these two criteria in mind, I have decided to go with a warm white. Sounds simple, right?

There are so many choices, and getting white right can be tricky. As I mentioned at the beginning of this post, I’ve been doing some research to help inform my selection: I decided to tap five interior design minds to get their recommendations for the perfect, no-fail warm white. In my next post, I will share them with you. So stay tuned for the top five warm white paint colors coming your way soon…

In the interim, may you have a great start to the week!

Anna xo

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