A cure for the rainy-day blues

I know I haven’t written a post in a while. I think all the rain we’ve had put me into a little bit of a funk. But those of you who know me well know that the rain can’t get me down for too long… I refuse to entertain any negativity!

Let me share with you my attempt to infuse the residence with a tiny bit of visual splendor to combat these dark days.

Exhibit A: my beautiful blue hydrangea…

This was $15 really well spent, I think. Flowers really do add so much.

Do you notice anyone in the background in the photo above? Maybe a little furry white sentry peering out of the window? Apparently, Archie isn’t quite so obsessed with hydrangeas as I am. I think birds and the mailman are higher up on his list.

But I would say that hydrangeas are pretty far up on my list of favorites (flowers, that is). I have this image in my mind of my dream garden-to-be with cascading blue-lilac mopheads a la this lovely photo (courtesy capecodonline.com)…

Or this one, from Martha Stewart Living Magazine:

I can’t help it. I just love them.

But hydrangeas are capricious little buggers; they don’t seem to be easy to grow—at least in these climes. I do have a hydrangea in the backyard that my dad helped resuscitate last spring. Its stalks had dried out and gotten overgrown—he trimmed it way back and then it greened-up promisingly, but only produced one smallish mophead last summer. Boo. But who knows what this summer might bring? I’ll keep you posted…

I was reading the other night of Carolyne Roehm‘s love of hydrangeas. In her Summer Notebook, she talks about how she covets the blue/lavender variety (my favorite too, Carolyne!), but can’t grow them at Weatherstone (her amazing house in the country) because the growing zone is too cold. So she she raids her friends’ gardens in Southampton (ah, the life!) or buys them from the New York flower market.

And then she makes amazing arrangements that look like this:

I’ll leave you with that. Beautiful, no? I think it’s surely enough to defeat any lingering rainy-day blues.

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  1. They are indeed totally beautiful. I was planning an abundance of hydrangeas for our wedding until Clare Pettals wisely informed me of the prep and care they required… 🙂

  2. Visual splendor indeed-love the lush close-up shots! A sense of refined elegance…love Archie sitting on the radiator!

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