Dining room: “Before” photos

A little while back, I shared my ideas and inspiration for my spring dining room redo (which you can read about here).

In honor of it being Monday, I thought I’d roll up my sleeves, get down to brass tacks, and show you how the land lies in the dining room, as it is now. (Forgive the mixed metaphors, it’s Monday!) So to begin, here’s a shot taken from the doorway to the (adjacent) kitchen:

dining room: "before"

On the (+) side: lovely hardwood floors, lots of natural light from three good-sized windows, crown molding with pleasing heft, and a charming built-in cabinet with arched glass doors that offers both storage and display options:

built-in: "before"

built-in cabinet interior: "before"

Here’s another shot showing the entrance to the dining room from the front foyer. (Ignore the portable air conditioner that looks like a mini-fridge and the disassembled desk at the bottom right—these will move elsewhere. Neither will be a permanent dining room resident!)

dining room to foyer: "before"

And here’s a final shot of the window wall, taken from the doorway to the kitchen:

dining room windows: "before"

My initial thoughts: I’m excited about this project—this room has great potential. The first step will be to accentuate the positive; specifically, the room’s architectural elements. Right now, the walls are an off-white that reads slightly yellow. To create a little more contrast, I’ll use a richer, slightly deeper neutral paint on the walls to better highlight the trim and the room’s attractive architectural features.

I also want to replace the current window treatments to help breathe new life into the room. The shorter curtains, which I inherited from the previous owners, really date the room, and the valances (with their heavy tapestry pattern) feel, well, a little too traditional and a bit ponderous. Instead, longer (96″) drapery—I’m thinking neutral panels in a heavier, nubby cotton or linen—will help make this smaller dining room feel taller/more expansive. Hanging the curtains higher, so that the curtain rods are positioned nearer the ceiling, will also help give the room a bit more drama. (And I definitely want a little more drama, since this will be my fancy, more formal area for entertaining!)

Lastly, I’ll need to rethink the furnishings. I love my parsons table and what I affectionately refer to as my revisionist Chinese Chippendale chairs. These items were floor models purchased on sale while I was living out West in a small one-bedroom apartment. But their scale is no longer quite right for my current dining room and, practically speaking, I would like to be able to seat more peeps (and seat them comfortably!).

So you see I have some interior design dilemmas to contend with here! I’m curious to see how it will all evolve! Stay tuned…


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  1. Great post. It looks like the dining room has bags of great potential, and I look forward to seeing what you decide to do.

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