Think spring—and David Austin roses

We’re now entering into the second week of March. Shouldn’t spring and summer be right around the corner?

Well, maybe not quite yet here in Northwestern PA.

I awoke this morning to this:

And this:

And finally, this:

Well, at least Archie (aka “snow-pig”) does enjoy the snow.

I’m not complaining. The snow is beautiful. And it does help to brighten things up on dark days during the slow, very slow, transition from winter to spring.

But it is March, after all, and I’m feeling a little wistful for warmer temps, flip-flops, floaty summer dresses, and—of course—pretty things that bloom.

In times like these, I find the best medicine is the David Austin rose catalogue. His 2011 Handbook of Roses is now available; you can order your free copy here. It features all the varieties of roses that you could dream of—roses for mixed borders and hedges, tree roses, climbing roses. No space to plant? David Austin also offers container roses and even “luxury cut roses” for those in need of a special treat. The Handbook also provides lots of helpful tips on rose cultivation; since hardiness is a special consideration for those of us in the Northeast, I particularly appreciate his list of recommended roses for “Cold Winter Areas.” If you don’t know your hardiness zone, you can use the USDA Hardiness Zone Finder to find it by simply typing in your zip code. The roses featured below are not only breathtakingly gorgeous, but they’re also hardy to Zone 4. Enjoy!

P.S. I also can’t help but love the fact that many of David Austin’s roses are named after famous British authors and characters from English Literature.

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