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Thanks to my brother visiting last weekend, I have a new dining room table! He brought it down in his pick-up, assembled it for me, and helped me put it in its proper place. Nice brother, huh?

I have to say that now that it’s in its new home, it’s lookin’ mighty fine:

I have a proper dining room now! And the chairs fit the table perfectly…

I moved a white console table from my bedroom (you can see it in the photo below at right) into the dining room—it’s functioning as a placeholder for now for the sideboard/server I’m hoping to get down the road sometime. It’s nice to have another surface to put a lamp on for additional lighting.

Here’s a couple close-ups of the fancy split-pedestal legs of this Duncan Phyfe table that was originally my grandmother’s. I really dig those claw feet:

I love how the table looks with the skirted chairs. And my dad did an amazing job of refinishing the tabletop—it looks shiny and new again, restored to its former glory!

Bringing this table back to life (to my life, specifically) has been a true family affair, so grateful thanks goes out to the fam from W&R. I LOVE my new table!!!

Maybe next year I could host Thanksgiving?

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  1. I love it! That table holds a lot of lovely memories. The rich mahogany gives a beautiful warmth and dignity to the room – glad that you and your guests will now be able to enjoy some fine dining!

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