New office armchairs have arrived…

…And they’re lovely! I needed additional seating in the office, so I thought a pair of English rolled-arm club chairs would be just the thing for curling up with a good book. They feel very “grown-up” to me as well. With these chairs, I feel somehow as if I have arrived.

They are perhaps slightly more on the traditional side of the spectrum, but they really fit the style of my Tudor house and the mood I was going for—something along the lines of cozy-yet-refined library. I surprised myself a bit by going with a paisley—not typically my first instinct—but the pattern feels almost textural to me, and the colors are subtle and fit the palette I’m trying to carry throughout the house: warm neutrals and browns with a touches of gray-blues, as in the print below, which served as my inspiration:

The other piece of good news is that the chairs are not only very pretty, but are also extremely comfortable. You’ll have to come sit in them yourself—I may even pour you a cognac, if you’re lucky.

One chair has an ottoman, so you can put your feet up while you sip that cognac.

I’m lucky enough to have an amazing contact in the furniture business. The chairs come from Wesley-Hall. They’re beautifully made, lovely to look at it, comfortable to sit in, and I know I’m going to enjoy them for a very long time!

While there’s still work to be done here, and still things I’d like to update eventually (e.g., the green carpet that I inherited when I moved in), my office has really come a long way. I promise you a “Before and After” post soon so you can see the progress for yourself.

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