My virtual home tour

I’m happy to report that the 2012 Grove City Historic tour was a success! A big thank you to the Friends of the Library, especially my friends Rebecca, who did an amazing job of organizing the tour, and Rachel, the lovely “greeter”/library representative for my home. Thanks so much, ladies! We had so many nice folks come through yesterday—it was a real treat to meet some new people and help support our local library in the process.

For this year’s tour, the Friends of the Library put together this great little informational brochure, complete with a handy city map. I really enjoyed reading about the people who participated and the stories behind the wonderful places on this year’s tour.

For those of you who missed the tour yesterday: I’m working on putting my photos up on the blog this week so that you can take a “virtual” tour! (But let me apologize in advance for the quality of some of these photos. I’m experimenting with my camera and trying some new things, but not always with the most success. At any rate, I’m hoping that the photos should give you the gist!)

For today’s post, I’ll start “at the very beginning, a very good place to start” (sorry, inexplicably I just had a Julie Andrews moment). Here is the entrance and my little display of mums that greeted guests at the front door. Aren’t they a happy bunch? I love all the rich bright colors of fall.

I hope you’ll check back this week to see photos of the rest of my little home tour…

… until then, stay tuned!

P.S. I can assure you that my house has never been this clean—participating in a home tour is great incentive to give yourself over to a wild frenzy of housekeeping—but I have to admit that I’m a little tired after a weekend full of both preparation and anticipation. 😉

I hope your week is off to a great start!

Anna xo


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  1. While my house is no where near as beautiful as yours, and probably 1/4 the size, I might consider doing this! I wish it were in the summer because I also have a lovely (ah hem.. most of the time) garden. My house is busy and we have a small child, so her evidence is left everywhere! I cannot imagine how insane I’d be getting ready for something like this!

    1. Sarah, you totally should do it! I know people would love to see your home and studio, and your lovely garden as well (I know I would!). Even if it was *slightly* hectic preparing for the tour, I’m glad I did it. And I let some things on my to-do list go—it can never be perfect. Houses are for living in, after all!

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