My big accomplishment for today…

…in a word: potato salad.

Okay, so that’s two words. Oops.

Here’s the backstory on today’s homemade potato salad project: This year I purchased a summer share from the Northwest Pennsylvania Growers Co-op, and I’m so glad I did. Each week I look forward to picking up my share—it’s like a little “summer bounty” surprise. It’s always fun to see what you get!

What’s great about being part of this co-op is that you can count on the food being really fresh, in season, and grown locally. I chose the vegetable and egg share options, but NWPA Growers also offer a chicken share and a mushroom and PA cheese share—the latter especially sounds pretty tempting, and I’m contemplating adding that option the next time around.

Picking up your share is super easy and convenient—it’s basically like having someone do your grocery shopping for you. All you have to do is show up (my pick-up location is in downtown Grove City) and take it away with you! (You have to bring your own bag, though. They can’t do everything for you…)

It’s also a fun challenge to come up with creative ways to use the items in your share. To help you along, NWPA Growers provide co-op members with recipes based on the items included in the share for that week. They send the recipes out via weekly emails, but you can also find them on their website. Pretty nifty.

Since I had lots of lovely red potatoes in my share this week, I decided to try the their Old Fashioned Potato Salad recipe. Making homemade potato salad is always a little labor-intensive, but it’s so worth it. And this recipe did not disappoint. Here’s how it turned out:

To add my own little flourish, I add some chopped chives (also in my share this week) and a dash of paprikash. Yummy. It will be a perfect side dish for these warm summer days…

To learn more about what the friendly folks at the NWPA Growers Co-op offer, you can check out their website here.


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