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I have no plans of undertaking a major kitchen reno soon—I may do a little repainting of the kitchen cabinets this summer to freshen them up and, perhaps, install some new lighting. But for now, because of budget and time constraints, I’ll have to satisfy myself with these minor and mainly cosmetic upgrades. I’ll have to live for a little while longer with my vinyl floors, country kitchen cabinetry, and 80s soffits.

But this doesn’t stop me from dreaming about a redesigned kitchen. I’ve been collecting interior inspiration images on Pinterest, and my “kitchen” collection has grown to over 60 pins! I think I may have a little Pinterest problem on my hands—it can be addictive! However, I think it’s a wonderful tool to help you uncover your own style—I can see certain trends emerging from the images I’ve pinned. Here are some of my favorites:

1. The wonderfully homey Smith & Vansant Architects kitchen from their Antique Cape project, Norwich, VT  via Houzz:

A shot of the farmhouse sink:

Corner detail: Open shelving is both practical and attractive. Notice that the knobs on the drawers don’t match perfectly, making it feel like as though the kitchen has evolved over time. And I love the artwork on the walls! I think kitchens really benefit from having art on display.

This kitchen feels very real to me. Many kitchens featured in interior design magazines seem styled within an inch of their lives, so to speak, or so pristine that you can’t imagine really getting down to the business of cooking in them. But this, to me, feels like home. You can imagine cooking a cozy supper in this kitchen, or just relaxing with a cup of tea and enjoying the view of the garden outside.

2. The show-stopping kitchen of Mary Jo Bochner, Savannah, GA, via House Beautiful:

I love the symmetry created by the etageres and prints that flank that lovely window. And that chandelier is a real statement piece, isn’t it? It’s designed by Tim Adams and came from The Paris Market. If you’re ever in Savannah, it’s essential that you visit this lovely and unique home decor store.

In the HB article, Bochner describes her kitchen as a mix of high and low—you can see the Wolf range and Traulsen fridge, but the cabinets are actually from IKEA.

3. Next up is the elegantly understated Southern Living farmhouse kitchen:

The various design elements really harmonize in this kitchen. I tend to gravitate toward a more neutral palette, and sometimes I worry that too many neutrals can get boring, but here the marble and butcher block countertops, exposed brick wall, bamboo roman shades, and antique brass pendants provide a lot of interest and textural contrasts.

4. The easy-living kitchen by Heather Chadduck, originally featured in Cottage Living, via Reese & Marie:

Elegant and approachable, Heather Chadduck’s designs always have a lovely relaxed quality to them—her rooms never seem to be trying too hard. I was first introduced to her designs through Cottage Living Magazine, which is now sadly no more and I still mourn the loss—it was one of my favorite design magazines.

5. I’ll round out with this, the pure and simple kitchen:

I was drawn to this because it offers a graceful design solution for an otherwise tight corner. The open shelving creates needed storage space—and isn’t that shelf above the window a brilliant idea? It’s also inspired me to start my own cloche collection! There’s a simple practicality to open shelving in the kitchen, I think, which invites us (or challenges us, depending on your thinking) to keep only the useful and beautiful out on display.

Interested in seeing more? Please feel free to explore my Pinterest kitchen board.

What about you? Have you been doing some kitchen dreaming, or maybe some heavy pinning sessions for your kitchen inspiration boards? Or maybe you’re in the throes of planning and renovating your own kitchen? I’d love to know!

Thank you so much for visiting and have a lovely day.


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  1. Oh man. I love these all so much. I see your point on the open shelving and I honestly think you have the disposition to pull it off (me, not so much). Thanks again for all your hospitality. I loved spending time in your kitchen this weekend. Even though it doesn’t look exactly like one of the above, it is full of life and laughter and the hospitality of a wonderful hostess. What more could you want?

  2. Love these kitchens! And the Paris Market in Savannah is the best store ever. I miss it so much!

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