Spring redo: The dining room project

After living a bit like a hermit these last few winter months, I’m beginning to feel that I’m ready to emerge as if from a chrysalis. A social butterfly in training, if you will.

I’ve started thinking about gatherings. You know, convivial little get-togethers for family and friends. I’d really like to see those who are near and dear to me enjoying themselves over drinks and dinner at my place. But I’ve decided I definitely need a more inviting backdrop. Hence, The Dining Room Project.

Here’s the inspiration for this redo—I love the simple, pared-down aesthetic that highlights the essential elements in the dining rooms featured below. A neutral palette always feels open and airy to my eye; the textural contrasts help lend interest and richness, and keep things from getting too boring. I also like the successful marriage between modern and traditional, casual and formal in these rooms—they definitely have a sense of occasion, but you feel as if you can relax in them as well.


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