Guest bathroom progress

Improvements are underway on the guest bath! Things are looking fresh, and I’m feeling good! But before I share progress photos, let’s take a quick look at the “before” photos.

Issue número uno. Textured walls. These have always bothered me:

Did you notice that the switch plate had been sawed off at the bottom so it would fit above the beadboard? Not an ideal solution. The ancient dial at right controls a ceiling light/fan combo that sounds like a ticking time bomb (the fan also vents into the attic, rather than outside, so this is defo not up to code):

Old wall sconces (apologies for the poor photo quality, but trust me, they’re not great):


Here’s a wider shot, so you can see my halfhearted (half-finished) approach to painting:


Another shot from the doorway (also, the door wasn’t closing properly. Not good. Especially for a bathroom!)


Some slightly dingy bathroom grout in need of freshening:


And now the progress photos…I’m already loving the results so far:






What do you think? I’m really happy with how it’s taking shape!

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