Coming (sort of) soon…The GC home tour to benefit our local library

I was super excited (wowski!) when one of my friends contacted me to ask whether I’d be interested in participating in the Grove City Home Tour, proceeds of which benefit our community library (she’s a member of the Friends of the Library). Here’s how it works: People purchase tickets to enjoy the privilege of seeing some local interior and garden design firsthand—the Home Tour allows ticket-holders to get a glimpse of how participating GC residents are trying to elevate the “poetry of the home” (as my mother might say), by decorating and improving their houses, making them more beautiful and livable. There are so many lovely old homes in our town, I know there will be lots of great stuff to see.

Of course, I am incredibly flattered that they would even consider me! In fact, I’m over the moon. That’s not an overstatement.

Now the Home Tour is still a little ways off—September 2012, to be precise—but the fact that I have some lead time is a good thing. I’m nowhere near ready to hit the big dance, if you know what I mean. I definitely need time to prepare.

I think the Home Tour will provide the impetus to tackle some bigger projects: the weather’s warming up again, and I’m thinking about painting the dining room. And the backyard and garden need a lot of work, but they have so much potential. The Home Tour will give me some good incentive to keep going with general beautification when and where possible.

I do hope you’ll join us in September 2012. You’re more than welcome, you know. I’d love to see you.

I’ll be serving light refreshments, by the way.

P.S. You can see photos of our local library’s beautification (and expansion) project here.

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