Backyard Patio “After” Photos

It took me most of the weekend, but the effort was totally, completely worth it. It feels like summer here at the residence now, with the patio/”lanai” area set to rights! I have to say, folks, that I think it’s looking pretty good, especially considering what it looked like just a few short days ago (for a flashback to the “before” photos, click here.)

I think it’s waaaaaaay more inviting. It feels breezy-cool back there now. It’s my own private “staycation” spot:

I now have a nice little seating area under a cheery yellow umbrella (not that I needed more shade, but I did need the cheeriness):

I’ve got seating for four. Iced tea, anyone?

To the left of the seating area, I filled some planters with New Guinea impatiens and Begonias:

Behind the seating area, at the back of the patio, I hung two enormous Boston Ferns (I purchased these big babies at Lowe’s in Hermitage). They make quite a statement, I think! I love ferns. These should do well here, nestled in near the house and under lots of shade…

On the deck, I added another big Boston fern amid some Coleus in crimson and chartreuse (I love how this looks against the brick).

Here’s another shot of Coleus corner:

I did a mixture of spikes, impatiens, potato vine, and vinca vine in the big yellow planters that flank that patio doors:

Of course, Archie was on hand to superintend the patio beautification…

I think he approved of the new plantings…

Archie thinks the backyard patio is a cool place to hang out and relax:

It’s also not a bad spot for an afternoon snooze.

In between naps, Pigglesworth loves to watch the world go by.

You can sometimes get Archie to look directly at the camera by asking, “Do you want a treat?” This works approximately 25 percent of the time.

Archie is probably the most photographed Clumber in the world.

He is fairly cute, though.

It’s so nice to be outside again.

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  1. The backyard is coming along–I love coleus corner and am looking forward to the progression of the garden in back by the garage. The ferns here are gorgeous–perhaps a new name for the patio-‘Fernhaven’?

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