A touch of gold

There is something about gold. I used to wear only silver, but lately I’ve found myself drifting toward gold more and more. It’s the warmth, I think. My favorite accessory these days is a chunky gold-link bracelet from J.Crew that approximates the look of old Italian gold (well, at least in my mind it does!).

Gold is rich.If I had my druthers, I’d be dripping in it, kind of along the lines of this (via SG: Arm Candy):

Gold can also give an incredible richness and depth to a space. Check out the amazing scale of the gold screen below in this gorgeous interior from Lazaro Rosa Violan studio—it warms the whole room!

But if you’re not prepared to make such a bold statement, you can still integrate gold in more subtle ways, without sacrificing visual impact. Take this more understated vignette from Lonny as an example. I love how the large gold mirror adds depth, richness, and just a touch of glitz to what is otherwise a “quiet” interior moment.

When we think “gold,” we might conjure up associations of heavily gilt, Baroque designs, but gold can have a simple and spare elegance too. It can feel incredibly modern—elemental, even. High Street Market has some lovely decorative objects that fit this category at a very reasonable price point, like their gold wishbone and their small brass turtle tray:

I think gold is a wonderful choice for lighting options as well. You don’t want anything too shiny or 80s brassy, but an antique brass with a subtle hand-rubbed finish is an excellent option—like the petitely scaled Tiny Terri Lamp by Thomas O’Brien from Circa Lighting. It’s such a cutie, isn’t it? It’s like having a little bit of jewelry for your room. In my mind, the Tiny Terri lamp is the interior design equivalent of the elusive perfect gold stud earrings, providing just enough finish for your living space. Understated and chic.

I also really dig Room & Board’s Tenda, a modern take on the Pharmacy Lamp. In fact, I love it so much that I purchased this reading lamp for my living room (where I desperately need more light in the evenings). The Tenda lamp provides a modern counterpoint to some of the more traditional elements of the room (I hope to have some updated living room photos for you soon!). It’s practical too—you can switch the light level from high/low, and the height is adjustable as well. It also comes in nickel and bronze finishes, but the gold won out for the warmth and that little bit of glamor it gives to the room:

I hope you’ve enjoyed some gold inspiration. Have you woven in some gold into your interior spaces lately? If you decide to give it a try, let me know what you think!

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  1. Excellent inspiration. I always thought gold was a little tacky, but this just goes to show that it can be subtle too.

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