Archie’s Baby Book

Since Archie’s birthday is fast approaching (he will be two years old on May 1st—my little May Day Baby! They grow up so fast, don’t they?), I thought it might be nice to share a little photo retrospective with you all…

I recently stumbled upon these photos while tidying up my sent-messages folder on email. (When Archie first arrived on the scene, I was emailing photos of him to anyone who would look at them!) I was so happy to find these again! You see, late last year my hard drive crashed on my laptop, and I lost ALL my photos. Totally my fault: I hadn’t backed them up. (Note to self: external hard drive = not a bad idea.)

BUT, before you waste too much energy in expostulating, commiserating, exclamating (okay, “exclamating” isn’t really a word, but you get my drift)—let me assure you that I actually wasn’t too devastated by this turn of events. After having recently survived a rough period in my personal life, losing my iPhoto library was, in some ways, really kind of a blessing. Liberating, even. I was glad to be free of many of the photos, unhappy reminders of things now past. It felt a little bit like I had been given a clean slate.

But I was really, really sad about losing photos of Baby Archie. To think that the world would forever be denied pictures of the world’s cutest Clumber on record was just too cruel. So you can imagine how ecstatic I was to recover them!

So without further ado, here they are for your viewing pleasure, and for all posterity to see—hopefully never to be lost again!

Here he is as the teeniest, tiniest little piglet (held by the breeder and owner of Woodbury Clumbers). Archie was 6 lbs. when I brought him home. My mom held him in her lap most of the ride home.

And here he is with his brothers. Of course, Archie’s the shining star in the middle, always the top potato:

His personality really comes through in these photos. He can be quite solemn and serious:

Thoughtful, meditative even:

Capable of great sweetness of expression:

But also capable of incredible mischief. In fact, he’s earned quite a few nicknames for himself…

El Bandito Blanco (The White Bandit):

The Mashed-Potato Menace:

Mr. Pigglesworth:

(I only wish that lovely red jacket still fit him!)

Look at him here, with his whole sweet life ahead of him….

At times, he can be quite vocal:

But then at other times, he can be kinda soulful:

But at even at his most “challenging,” Archie always manages to make me smile.

I love my boy.


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